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weiße Feder
weiße Feder


Nice that you found me!

My name is Katharina Arlt and I live and work

in Remseck am Neckar, near Stuttgart.

As you can see from my page, I'm a big one

Bird lover and passionate about painting these

adorable animals.

Even as a small child, I thought the ducks in the zoo were the most beautiful!

My favorite painting techniques are watercolor

and pastel colors, but now and then drawings and sketches emerge

with pencils or polychromos (colored pencils).

How I came to bird painting...

I especially like the parrots!

Whether it's a small budgie or a large macaw... I love them all.

I got my first budgie when I was 12. Another one came soon after.

It happened! The ''parrot fever'' had broken out. ;)

And so it is not surprising that I love my

to these enchanting animals and my greatest passion, painting.

During my correspondence course in painting at the Hamburg Academy (2012-2016)

I dealt a lot with landscape painting and portrait painting,

but in the end I got stuck with animal painting.

And because there are animal portraits of dogs, cats and horses like sand by the sea, I decided to offer bird portraits in particular!

Katharina Arlt Künstlerin und Illustratorin für Vogelmalerei
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