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Always remember, the better the photo template is, the better the portrait will be!

I can only paint what I see!

I'll show you a few examples of how the templates should or shouldn't be:

Gute Fotovorlage für ein Auftragsportrait
  • good perspective (head slightly tilted)

  • well exposed

  • spicy

  • Individual feathers clearly visible

Schlechtes Fotobeispiel für Auftragsmalerei
  • poor perspective (the head is disproportionately large compared to the body)

  • blurred

  • too dark or overexposed

Choose the right background

The right background color is important because it emphasizes the motif and influences the interplay of colors.

The plumage of very colorful, brightly colored birds speaks for itself.

A background that is too colorful would distract too much from the actual bird motif.

If at all, single-colored backgrounds in light gray, light brown or in delicate pastel shades are suitable.

In the case of birds that are monochromatic or have another up to a maximum of 2 further color(s) in their plumage, you can easily indicate these plumage colors in the background on white paper.

This often gives the picture additional tension and makes the portrait of the grey, green

or brown bird clearly more interesting.

Another possibility would be to use a color matching paper .

Here I often use complementary colors . These are 2 colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel and therefore create a stronger contrast.

Ex: green and red, yellow and purple, blue and orange

You can find colored paper backgrounds here .

See my gallery for more examples .

Hintergrundbild Aquarellfarben Katharina Arlt

Still uncertain?
I would be happy to advise you on your choice of background and ask you,
if you want that
different suggestions together.

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